The Volunteering Horse

One of the most profound experiences I have had in my training career has been the discovery of the Volunteering Horse.

The Volunteering Horse looks and acts differently from any other horse I’ve seen.

Their actions and behavior differs profoundly from behavior given with other training methods. It differs so much that it is all I can do to keep from standing on the street corner handing out pamphlets with a picture of a horse that says “Have YOU learned to see the Volunteering Horse? Do you know what he looks like?”

It’s a bit disconcerting to become that thoroughly compelled by a concept, but it is where I am and it is what I hope people can see, appreciate and learn.

My version of standing on the street corner handing out pamphlets is posting videos,  blogging, offering clinics, sharing as much free information as I can afford and offering services so that I can continue sharing this profound information.

I fervently hope you will join me and learn and share in this journey. The process is about the horse; the process is about learning to see and observe when a horse is volunteering; the process is learning how to encourage the Volunteering Horse; the process is about learning how to take those volunteered moments and shape behavior that’s useful to the human. But first and foremost it’s about the horse, the Volunteering Horse.

Clicker training can be used for so many things. Why not train them BEFORE you have an emergency?

Horse stands willingingly with front feet in bucketsTraining for vet procedures or lower leg injuries is pretty easy when you know how to let your horse choose to participate in the
process of training the behavior.


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