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Going to rethink some things. To date, McKee has learned that the word TOUCH means bump your nose on the most obvious thing that is in front of you. My hand target is the easiest because when I use it he also usually sees some sort of motion as I move my hand into position for him to touch. So the cue is physical as well as visual.

I want him to use the word “target” for the nose bump. I worked with several of McKee’s verbal cues, “walk on,” “whoa,” “back” and then “target.” In this familiar context, “target” was an easy assumption for him. I did not have anyone who was using a hand target. The items he touched were my little crop, a coffee cup and his tennis ball target. So all familiar items were easy to touch, as well as the Starbucks cup (non-famaliar).

The Starbucks cup was held out and sort of “presented” as a touchable target. All of these things made the word “target” much easier to pair up with his former word “touch.”

In general, I think this will be a better training plan.


About clickertraininghorses - Peggy Hogan

I teach people and train horses using positive reinforcement. The horses I work with are given choice, the freedom to volunteer behavior. The joy is that they strive to volunteer what works for both of us.
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